Flashcard connoisseurs love 21st Night

If you love flashcards, then you’ll love 21st Night.

21st Night has all the flashcards features you’d expect, some you wouldn’t expect but will love, and some you can’t believe you lived without.

As you’d expect, 21st Night flashcards come with a rich text editor. You can insert bold, italics, images, and even videos. They’re reviewed based on a spaced repetition algorithm, so you can remember things for the long term. You can also categorize and subcategorize flashcards, to make reviewing specific types easier.

You can also add in context or mnemonics to make memoization easier!

21st Night also has some really cool flashcard features you wouldn’t expect. For example, 21st Night has analytics on your studying every day, including streaks to keep you going.

It also has the ability to create cards directly from your notes, which you can import directly into 21st Night (even if they’re handwritten!).

Just highlight and turn directly into a card.

Finally, it has some you won’t believe you studied without. For example, while you can study based on the spaced repetition algorithm, the normal way, you can also quiz yourself, view questions answer first (perfect for vocab), or just cram all the cards in a single day!

Don’t want to start from scratch with a blank deck? You don’t have to! You can import old decks from Quizlet or Anki directly as a CSV, including any images or video.

So why not get started with your free trial?