Why teachers and tutors should use 21st Night instead of Google Docs

If you’re looking to share study plans, problem sets, notes, or flashcards with your students, your first thought would likely be to use Google Docs.

There’s better option though: 21st Night.

I’ve presented a feature table below that explains how and why 21st Night is better than Google Docs. I’ve explained more detail after the table.

Google Docs21st Night
Customizable study plansx
Mastery learning algorithmx
Compatible with Anki/Quizletx

As you can see from the table above, 21st Night has a lot of learning-specific features that the Google Suite lacks.

For students, 21st Night is designed to be a single place for all the work that they have to do: notes, study plans, flashcards, and problem sets all together in one place. Plus, 21st Night is built around a spaced repetition algorithm, so students retain information longer.

For tutors and educators, it’s designed to be the single place that all student work goes. Not only can educators assign their students flashcards or problems to review through 21st Night, but they can also see analytics on what sort of questions their students have trouble with or how much time their students spend on questions.

When teachers and tutors use 21st Night over Google Docs, their sessions are more organized, their students retain information longer, and their teaching is more focused to students’ needs.