21st Night: a studying app built around memory.

In order for you to remember what you’ve learned, you need context and repetition. Trying to memorize an isolated equation 2 weeks after you learned it is way too difficult. 21st Night is built to use context and repetition to make what you learn stick in your head.

That’s why our users include standardized test takers, error log maestros, flashcard connoisseurs, diligent notetakers, and even teachers and tutors.

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Psst… Just between you and me, 21st Night has specialized study plans and resources specifically for GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT takers, customized for your target test date and goal score. Don’t tell anyone, though, ok?

The science behind 21st Night

Most students study incorrectly.

It’s no surprise. In school, we were taught a million subjects, but we were never taught how to learn. Teachers just gave us lecture after lecture, textbook after textbook, problem after problem. Then, they were surprised when we couldn’t remember what they taught on test day.

In reality, the way you’re supposed to study is by using context and repetition.

By using context, you train your brain to connect the dots of what you’ve memorized. 21st Night attaches your notes and flashcards to the source you originally got them from, so your brain will associate the different parts of what you’ve learned.

By using repetition, you pass what you learn from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. 21st Night uses a spaced repetition algorithm to test you on what you learned just as you’re about to forget it. You don’t have to try to remember what you learned 6 weeks ago and never saw again.

Real results

“Your method of preparing for the GRE has been by far the best method I have encountered to succeed in this exam. If I were to take any other standardized examinations in the future, 21st Night would be the first tool I reached out for.”

Anirudh Sriram, University of Chicago Graduate Program in Computer Science

I increased from 590 to 680 in just 7 weeks, thanks to 21st Night and you!

Ink Eze, AsoEbiBella

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