21st Night gets students their goal score on exams.

21st Night is more than a flashcard app. It’s an exam solution. It lets students know how far they’ve come and what they need to do next. And, with 21st Night, students can collaborate with each other or with tutors, helping each other across the finish line.

The result? Spectacular score increases for students, and delighted clients for tutors.

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The main 21st Night page, showing cards, review dates, etc.
The main 21st Night page. From here, you can see the cards you have to review, study your deck, or examine your proficiency on the cards that you’ve done.

“21st Night is a singularly effective studying app. When I use it, my students’ score increases are nothing short of amazing.

Trevor Klee, 99th percentile GMAT, GRE, LSAT tutor

If you’re a self-studier, 21st Night will show you what and when you need to study for your exam. Just put in all the questions you have trouble with: copy-paste from a web page, screenshot a pdf, or take a picture with your phone. Once you’re done, click study deck, and your questions will be shown to you at the optimal time to make sure you’re mastering the material.

If you’re an educator, 21st Night will show you what topics your students are struggling with, and help you decide what to focus on next. Create a deck, and assign it to your students, as many as you have. 21st Night will show you their proficiency on each of the questions and topics you assign, both individually and as a group. You’ll know exactly what you need to teach for next time.

Why is 21st Night better than flashcards?

Because 21st Night can do everything flashcards can, plus so much more.

Obviously, you can put any sort of question and answer into 21st Night. Text, formatted text, images, videos, equations, etc. Put it in, review it as needed, etc.

And obviously, you can categorize the questions in 21st Night, and filter by category or subcategory. Just want to review algebra? Just filter your deck for algebra questions. Or, go more specific, and filter your deck for only hard algebra questions. It’s there.

But 21st Night also lets you:

See detailed analytics on your studying progress. Which questions do you get wrong? When do you get them wrong? How often do you study? These are questions that 21st Night can answer for you.

Collaborate on decks with friends and tutors. You never have to work alone! Get your friends to work with you, creating really good explanations to make your life easier. Or, share your deck with a tutor, so they can see how you’re doing and help you learn what you need to do next.

See your proficiency on questions, as well as when you need to study them next. Wondering how you’re doing? It’s right there! Wondering when you should review a card next? 21st Night will tell you!

Create and share a to-do list for your studying. Don’t waste time with a bunch of random notes scattered in random notebooks. It’s all right there.

Combine decks. Let’s say you’re studying biology, and you’ve created a deck for each exam throughout the year. Now it’s your final exam, so you need to study all of them. With 21st Night, you can create a new deck made up of your old ones. Easy as pie.

Real results

“Your method of preparing for the GRE has been by far the best method I have encountered to succeed in this exam. If I were to take any other standardized examinations in the future, 21st Night would be the first tool I reached out for.”

Anirudh Sriram, University of Chicago Graduate Program in Computer Science

“In the past couple months, you’ve helped me go from an 86th percentile score to a 98th percentile score on my GMAT. Thanks!”

Emily Duarte, Harvard University student

Think these testimonials are impressive? We’ve got a lot more.

Who should use 21st Night?

Tutors who want to target exactly what their clients need to learn without wasting time on notes. Through our collaboration features, tutors can use 21st Night to see their clients’ progress on the problems they assign. Tutors can assign questions, write explanations, and then see how their clients are performing on the questions assigned.

This makes a big difference. Before, tutors had to spend time taking notes on each client in order to provide a personalized experience. This can add 30-60 minutes of work after each session, plus the time at the beginning of the session to analyze how a client is doing on the homework.

Tutors can save time and tutor in a more personalized way with 21st Night. More personalized means happier clients, which means more referrals and more revenue. What’s not to love?

Students who are struggling to progress on a subject or exams. Studying can be overwhelming. It’s difficult enough to keep track of everything you need to know. Then, you’re asked to apply literally all the knowledge you learned on some random question as the clock is ticking down. It’s nerve-wracking!

21st Night presents a better solution. Once you put your questions into 21st Night, it’ll help you learn those questions deeply. Then, it’ll help you remember everything, so it’s as fresh in your mind 6 months later as the day you learned it. When you take the exam, you’ll be ready.


Try 21st Night out for free for 14 days!

What makes 21st Night so effective?

Most students study for exams by doing question after question. By the time they get to the exam, they’ve done a lot of questions, but they haven’t learned from them.

21st Night works off of a mastery system. It forces students to learn from the questions they found tricky, mastering the concepts they’re weak on. Then, it schedules a review of the question to a later date, so that the concept can pass from short-term memory, to medium-term, to long-term.

As a result, by the time the student takes the exam, they remember the tricks and techniques that every question taught them. It’s all fresh in their mind, just as if they did those questions the day before.

Furthermore, 21st Night gives students analytics on which questions (and which sorts of questions) they’ve been struggling with. It lets them know their proficiency on those questions and categories. With 21st Night’s detailed analytics, students know what sort of questions they need to do next in order to get their goal score.

Try 21st Night out for free for 14 days!