How it works

1. Study plan

It starts with a personalized study plan. Choose when and what you want to study, and the study plan will adapt itself to your schedule. 

Add the schedule to your Google or Apple Calendar with one click, or add it directly to 21st Night to get day-by-day instructions of what exactly you need to do.

2. Notes

Then, notes. 21st Night lets you put anything into your notes: equations, pictures, videos, or handwritten graphs. It’s as simple as a copy-paste. Next, tag them and search them for later. 

Once you’ve put your notes in, you need to remember the important parts! That’s why 21st Night allows you to highlight your notes and transform them instantly into flashcards.

Speaking of which…

3. Flashcards

Flashcards are at the core of 21st Night. Why? Because they are the single most important part of studying. 

Flashcards should be used to remember anything, like equations, images, or how to solve a math problem. Remembering is crucial to studying. That’s why we’ve put extra effort into making sure our flashcards shine.

Using spaced repetition, 21st Night resurfaces cards right as you’re about to forget them. 

With our mastery system, we measure how comfortable you are with the cards, retiring them when you’ve mastered them.

Last, we allow you to add a quick note to each card, summarizing it to create a cheat sheet on test day.

4. Analytics

When you’re studying, it’s important to look back at what you’ve done. How much did you study? What did you study? Which topics or questions did you have the most trouble with?

21st Night shows you that information, helping you decide how to improve in the future. 

We also let you share your analytics with a friend, teacher, or study buddy. Nothing helps like sharing!  

5. Streaks and achievements

Last, but certainly not least, 21st Night has a streak and achievement system to tie it all together.

Listen, we know that studying kind of sucks. It’s difficult to motivate yourself, especially after a long day. 

That’s why 21st Night has implemented fun little gamification techniques to keep you going. Earn coins by studying notes! Keep your streak alive by studying every day!

It’s just the push you need to keep you studying when you need to.

How 21st Night solves studying problems

Procrastination, indecision, disorganization, and forgetfulness. The four horsemen of bad studying.

21st Night helps you tame all of them.

1. Procrastination comes from a lack of motivation and anxiety about whether you’re on the right track. Our streak system will provide the motivation, while our mastery system will give you the confidence to keep moving forward.

2. Indecision comes from not knowing what to do next. Using our personalized study plans, that will never be an issue.

3. Disorganization comes from having notes in one notebook, flashcards in another folder, and a study plan somewhere in the ether. 21st Night puts everything in one place, so you’ll never be disorganized again.

4. Forgetfulness comes from reading things once and never looking at them again. Instead, you need to actively recall your knowledge right when you’re about to forget them. 21st Night’s spaced repetition algorithm makes sure what you learned is  fresh in your mind on test day.

Feature list

Whether you’re working with math, French, or SAT, 21st Night is for you.

The spaced repetition algorithm means that you’ll be reminded of the things learned just as they’re about to be forgotten. By test day, week 1 material will be as fresh as the material learned in week 6.

Meanwhile, our flexible uploads means that you can add in pictures from your phone, equations, videos, or anything else you want to remember!

21st Night lets you:

1. Add and review any type of information. Images, pictures from a phone, equations, video clips, bulk uploads, and more!

2. See detailed analytics on studying progress. Which topics are most often misremembered? When are they misremembered? How often is material studied? 21st Night answers these questions.

3. Collaborate with other users. You never have to work alone! Work along with friends or share your deck with a tutor. This way they can track your progress and help you learn the next steps.

4. Track your progress. 21st Night will tell you how you’re doing and let you know when to review a card.

5. Create and share a to-do list. Don’t waste time with random notes scattered in multiple notebooks. It’s all in the app.

6. Combine decks. Let’s say you’re studying biology, and you’ve created a deck for each exam throughout the year. Now it’s the final exam, and you need to study them all. With 21st Night, you can combine all your old decks into a master deck. Easy as pie.

7. Create, organize, share notes. Images, videos, and handwritten notes can all be uploaded and shared.

8. Mass import cards from CSVs. That means that you can add any card from Quizlet, Anki, or anything else. That includes any images that are present.

9. Personalized, shareable study plans. We personalize the study plan to you. Just tell us when the test is and when you want to study, and we’ll handle the rest. You can add the study plan to your calendar with one click, and share it to anybody with a link.

10. Streaks and achievements. Keep going with streaks and achievements! Don’t let procrastination get the best of you.

11. Timer for pomodoros. 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Or just time yourself!

12. Export all cards and notes. Anything you put in a card or note can be exported as a spreadsheet: equations, formatted text, or images.

Try 21st Night free for 14 days.