Why to use 21st Night to help your tutoring clients

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21st Night is free for tutors. Contact us for your free account.

21st Night is really, really good at helping tutoring clients achieve their goals. In fact, that’s why it was designed.

In my own graduate exam tutoring practice, I wanted a central place to:

  1. Assign my clients work
  2. See analytics on the work I assigned them
  3. Make sure they were actually remembering what I taught

Hence, 21st Night!

It has flashcards for the homework, proficiency analytics on the assigned work, and a spaced repetition algorithm to make sure the students actually remember what is taught.

 To see it in action, watch the video below, or read on!

Let’s start with how I set it up. Here’s an example deck that I’ve created.

On the right, the colored circles represent how many students are in each stage of mastery: green for mastered, yellow for in progress, and red for stuck. I can filter through this master deck to see the progress of individual students.

When I click through, I get to see how each student is doing on the questions, including any notes they’ve taken for themselves explaining the problem or giving themselves hints (which, depending on the quality of their explanation, can be a good place for me to step in).

I can also assign them additional questions just for themselves, or they can add cards to their own personal deck.

Adding an algebra card with a complex equation. This can be done by the tutor or the student.

Last, if I want to see how my students are performing on the categories I assigned, I can get either a quick look at their proficiency or a detailed look at the analytics.

The analytics page. I’ve hand-drawn brackets to show options to filter by student, category, or subcategory. I can also drill down for per question analytics.
I can also drill down even further for day-by-day reports, if you want to check on a particular study-session.

Using this app (available on mobile or desktop, by the way), I can achieve much better outcomes for my students with minimal effort on my part.

Our tutoring sessions are more productive, as I know exactly what my students are having trouble with.

On their own time, my students’ self-studying is much more productive, as 21st Night forces them to review and redo the questions that they have the most trouble with.

Last, my clients are even happier than before because they can see the progress they’ve made. They can see every question they’ve mastered right in 21st Night.

21st Night is free for tutors. If you’re interested in using it for your own tutoring clients, please contact us.