How to use 21st Night as an error log to learn processes

A process is anything that’s step-by-step. Maybe it’s a math problem, a puzzle, or even a dance move.

Processes are natural fits for 21st Night. It’s really where 21st Night shines, in fact. The key to learning them is to be patient as you follow the steps to mastering a process:

1. Try the problem. If you get it wrong, good! That means it’s something new and valuable to learn. Go to step 2.

2. Put the correct process to solve the problem into the explanation. Memorize the process, using hints as necessary.

Important note: put the whole process in the explanation, like you were explaining the problem to someone else who had never seen it before. Don’t just put a couple vague notes.

3. Repeat the process until you can do it from start to finish, fluently, without pausing or looking at hints.

4. Extend the process so it’ll help you with new problems. Ask yourself: “How was I supposed to know to use this process? What should I have done when I first saw this question?” Put these answers in the hints and explanations.

5. Try the process on a new, similar problem.