How to review flashcards effectively

Adding cards is important. Reviewing cards is even more important. Human beings forget facts and processes so quickly.

Don’t believe me? Well, what did you have for lunch 3 days ago?

Here’s how to review flashcards so they stick around for test day.

Reviewing fact-based cards effectively

When you review fact-based cards, make sure you can remember the context. This context should be in your explanation

Why does this fact matter? How does it relate to other cards?

If you’re having trouble remembering the answer, then your explanation should include a mnemonic, like a rhyme or an acronym.

If you still can’t remember the card, that card is too difficult.. Split it into two cards.

Reviewing process-based cards effectively

When you review process-based cards, make sure you can remember each step to getting to the answer.

These steps should be in your explanation.

It’s not enough to remember the answer. You won’t see the same problem on test day, but you will see the same type of problem.

If you can remember the steps, you’ll be able to solve that kind of problem on test day.