Meticulous notetakers love 21st Night

21st Night has everything a meticulous notetaker would want, some cool features you wouldn’t expect, and some amazing features you won’t believe you studied without.

First, of course, 21st Night has a rich text editor. Bold, italicize, copy-paste images, insert video clips, insert equations it’s all there.

A little joke, straight from the note editor

Second, we’ve got some features that, gosh darn it, are pretty neat. Like recognizing text from handwritten or typed up notes, creating flashcards straight from your notes, or categorizing notes to dig them up later.

Now you can test yourself on this concept using the spaced repetition algorithm!

Finally, we’ve got some features that you can’t believe you studied without. Like the ability to attach a note to a pdf, so your notes are taken in context with your textbooks.

Wondering how to start? Well, that’s the best part! You can simply import the notes you’ve already created through text files.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with a free trial, no credit card required!