Using 21st Night to help teach a class

tl;dr: if you find it difficult to keep all of your students on track and learning, 21st Night can be a huge help. Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Teaching a class is hard. Believe me, I know: my largest class was 3000 (granted, it was online, but it’s still a lot of people to corral).

One of the toughest parts about teaching a class, even if your students are motivated, is making sure that everyone benefits equally.

Every student is going to come into your class with differing abilities and knowledge. It’s easy for a student to get lost or bored, depending on where they’re starting from.

Ideally, the teacher will know exactly where each student’s understanding is at all times, so they can either add details to the lecture or meet with the student personally.

The best way I’ve found of doing that is to use 21st Night. It’s an error log, which means that it’s an easy way for students to input their homework and what they’ve been getting wrong.

From there, the software prompts the students to review the homework to make sure that they master the questions. More importantly, all the students’ progress is saved to Google Sheets, so the teacher can see exactly what each student is getting right or wrong.

It’s a huge help for making sure that lectures are as helpful as they can be. If you’re interested in making 21st Night work for your classroom, contact us.