Using 21st Night to keep track of your tutoring clients’ progress

tl;dr: if you find it difficult to keep all of your tutoring clients moving towards their goals (and to keep them improving), 21st Night can be a huge help. Contact us to find out how to become an affiliate.

Once you start getting more than one tutoring client, it gets difficult to keep track of all your clients’ progress towards their goals. That’s a problem, because then it’s easy for a client to get off track (and then get mad at you).

What are your options?

The first is start taking extensive notes after tutoring sessions. That works, but it’s a burden on you administratively.

The second is to rely on clients to keep track of their own progress. But, realistically speaking, they won’t.

The third, and one that I use in my own tutoring practice, is to use 21st Night. I assign my students homework, and then they input their homework into the app.

The app, first of all, keeps them consistently reviewing their past mistakes, helping them learn.

More importantly, because the back-end is a Google Sheet, I can see exactly what my clients have done and which questions they’re getting wrong.

In each session, I can go over the questions that they get wrong and decide which new questions to assign them. Depending on what sort of hints they left to themselves, I also know if there are any strategies or content that I need to explain to them.

Adopting 21st Night for all of my tutoring clients has been a huge time-saver for me, and resulted in much, much better outcomes for my clients.

If you’re interested in using 21st Night with your tutoring clients, contact me to find out how you can become an affiliate.