Why you should use 21st Night as your LSAT error log

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The LSAT is a hard exam.

As a tutor, I’ve gotten to know the troubles that people have with it:

  1. It’s hard to recognize the patterns in the LSAT questions, and, as a result, it seems like each question comes out of nowhere.
  2. It’s difficult to organize notes, questions, and instructional materials into a coherent study plan.
  3. If your score plateaus, it’s difficult to know what to study next to make sure your score keeps increasing.

21st Night is designed to help with these troubles.

Recognizing the patterns in the LSAT questions

To many students, it seems like each LSAT question comes out of nowhere.

In reality, the LSAT is formulaic. There are only a few underlying patterns to the sections. Once you notice them, you can start getting better. You notice these patterns by doing and reviewing questions, which is something 21st Night makes easy.

If the question is from a pdf, you simply copy-paste into 21st Night. If it’s from a physical book, you can just take a picture of the question with your smartphone.

I literally just screenshotted this from the LSAC website, and copied into 21st Night. It took me 5 seconds to turn it into a card.

So, when you encounter new questions, you’ll start to recognize them as versions of what you’ve already seen. This means you’ll start improving rapidly on the LSAT.

Organizing materials into a study plan

If you’re using 7Sage, LSATHacks, the PowerScore Bible, and a collection of Actual LSAT PrepTests, it can get overwhelming trying to organize yourself without losing track of materials.

21st Night allows you to put anything into a card: a Youtube video, an mp4, a picture from your camera, crazily formatted text. Anything.

Same card as before. I used a 7Sage video in my explanation to help me remember it. All I had to do was copy the URL.

Then, it presents all of your materials to you, along with your proficiency on that material and a date for when you should study the material next.

All of your material is organized and ready to go.

What to do next if your score plateaus

When you use 21st Night, your way of improving on the LSAT on any given day is straightforward.

Simply click “Study Deck”. Go through the cards, and make sure you remember the explanation, not just the answer.

If you have no more cards left to study, do more questions from a PrepTest.

Of course, if you’d rather review specific questions, just click on the question from this screen. You don’t have to study the whole deck.

Keep up with this study plan and you’ll get the score you want.

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