How I passed the ARE Exam 2, Practice Management by making a study guide

This is a report from Tatyana Aksamentova on the ARE 5.0 Community.

She passed the ARE Exam 2, Practice Management, in 1 month, studying 30 hours total.

Her main strategy was creating her own study guide.

Her other advice would be to read the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice closely, and take Practice Management and Construction Evaluation first.

To learn more, check out my guide on how to study for the ARE Exam 2, Practice Management, or read the original post below.

Original post

First try, first pass. 1 Month Study Time, 1 Hour a Day.

STUDY GUIDE ( This guide was a conglomerate mix of many sources, primarily the AHPP, AIA Contracts, and the ARE 5.0 Review Manual by Ballast)

Some tips:

1. I would wager that you could pass this exam with the AHPP alone. If you haven’t invested yet, the Study Guide provides enough detail to know what to reference.

2. I thought the test was relatively straight forward. A lot of questions are common sense–consider what the best practices would be in a particular situation.

3. Answer what you know first and come back to the difficult questions later. Chances are you will be able to get a sense of the answer in some other materials. 

4. This tests highly overlaps with PcM and CE. I would recommend passing those and quickly moving onto this one.

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