How I passed the ARE Exam 1, Practice Management, in 2 weeks

Summary This is a post from Christian Lemon from the ARE 5.0 Community. He reviewed Ballast’s ARE 5.0 Review Manual and did their practice problems. He also read Professional Practice: A Guide to Turning Designs into Buildings and watched the Schiff Hardin lectures. He advises everyone to know their financials and basic accounting. He spent […]

How I passed the ARE Exam 1, Practice Management, in 1 month

This is a post from Patrick Edwards from the ARE 5.0 community. He mentions that he first made the mistake of just reading the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice back-to-back, but didn’t find it helpful. What he found helpful instead were these 6 steps over the course of a month: Start by familiarizing himself using […]

How to study for the ARE Exam 1: Practice Management

Intro to the ARE Exam 1 If I had to describe the ARE Exam 1, I’d describe it as an easy exam pretending to be a difficult one. It’s easy because the topics on the ARE are not difficult and the questions aren’t particularly challenging.  The ARE looks difficult, though, because it’s poorly organized. The […]