The top ARE 5.0 study materials: books, courses, and practice exams

It’s entirely possible to study for the ARE 5.0 with just the references in the Handbook. But, that method can be not only time consuming, but really expensive. A better way is to pick some good study materials. But which one? That’s what I’m here to answer! Best ARE 5.0 Study Guides: the Guide for […]

Overwhelmed with ARE studying? Here’s your free ARE 5.0 study plan to pass all 6 exams.

If you’re like most ARE studiers, you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed. These exams are long and hard. They test entirely disparate topics (drainage! masonry! insurance!), sometimes back-to-back. So what are you going to do? Give up? No! You’re going to pass this thing. Here are your steps. (By the way, I know you’re busy. You […]