How I passed ARE Exam 2, Practice Management, on my first try

Summary This is a report from Olivia Theriot on the ARE 5.0 Community. She studied for about 4 months, although she thinks that was overkill. For this exam, she used the Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, the 2017 AIA contracts, and Tatyana‘s study guide. She disliked Black Spectacles and Brightwood. For more information, check out […]

How I passed the ARE Exam 2, Practice Management in 5 weeks

Summary This is a post by Patrick Edwards in the ARE 5.0 Community. He studied for about 5 weeks and about 100 hours, after already studying for practice management. His general study tips are to study materials from multiple companies, set goals, and use audio to study when you can’t study written stuff. He advises […]

How to study for the ARE Exam 2, Project Management

Intro to the ARE Exam 2 If I had to describe the ARE Exam 2, I’d describe it as a somewhat difficult exam pretending to be a really difficult one. The ARE Exam 2 is harder than the ARE Exam 1, in part because it contains a lot of the material from the ARE Exam […]