How to use UWorld to study for the MCAT

UWorld is a terrific resource for the MCAT, but you can’t just use it blindly.

UWorld’s value is in its explanations. It’s a teaching tool, but it’s not imitative of the MCAT. In other words, you can’t get MCAT experience just from UWorld.

So how should you use UWorld? As part of a plan, but not the entirety of it.

  1. The first element of your plan should be content. It can be a book, if you like, although I think Khan Academy has really excellent MCAT content. I’ve actually created a guide for it. This is your foundation.
  2. The second element of your plan should be UWorld. Use it to test you knowledge and fill in gaps in your foundation.
  3. Finally, you need practice tests from AAMC. UWorld won’t test you the way the AAMC full lengths will. Plus, you’ll be able to see if your scores are improving (i.e. if you’re actually getting better at the MCAT).

In the meanwhile, to keep yourself organized, remembering all the content, and not overlooking any weak spots you should use an error log.

This is basically all the questions and content you find difficult, organized so you can see why and how you’re finding it difficult.

It might be a detail, a concept, or a process that’s off, but you can’t tell unless you reflect and analyze through your error log.

In the error log that I’ve designed, 21st Night, I’ve also made sure to employ spaced repetition. That is, difficult content comes back periodically, so you can make sure that you remember it and the lessons that you drew from it.

Neat, huh? Stick with this plan, and the MCAT will be a piece of cake.

Well, maybe not a piece of cake, but it’ll at least be clear how to succeed on it. And that’s almost as good.

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