Lessons in business from the golden age of advertising

I previously wrote a post on lessons in marketing from the golden age of advertising in early 20th century America, which I think went pretty well. Unfortunately (but fortunately), there are more great stories from the admen than can be fit in such a restrictive format. So, here’s my attempt at relaying them. For this […]

Lessons in modern marketing from the original Mad Men

I love reading about advertising in the early 20th century. It’s one of my favorite subjects, and it’s way too often neglected by the Internet at large. Part of it is just a fascination with the ambition of those early admen. It was truly fitting for that age of great works. While bridges and skyscrapers […]

Why introductory chemistry is boring: a long-term historical perspective

Looking for flashcards for chemistry? Try 21st Night! It allows you to create and share flashcards with anything on them: images, videos, equations, you name it. Plus, there’s a built-in to-do list! We are better at chemistry now than at any other point in history. In 50 years, we will almost certainly be better at […]

Using spaced repetition flashcards to learn pretty much anything

Flashcards are an incredibly useful learning tool. In fact, they can be used to learn pretty much anything. That’s why it’s a pity that so few people use flashcards to their full potential. Flashcards can be used to learn pretty much anything, because, in short, remembering is essential to learning. Once something is taught to […]

Teaching to maximize retention through mastery learning

Making people learn is tough. I’ve taught classrooms ranging from 1 person to around 3000 (through an online course), and the gap between what I teach and what students learn has always been present. This is true for all teachers, of course, but I think I’ve felt it more than most. As someone who’s self-employed […]

Why Internet arguments go in circles, according to Charles Sanders Peirce

Charles Sanders Peirce is one of my favorite unknown philosophers. Although problematic (i.e. virulently racist) and a bit difficult to read, he was brilliant, and wrote on a wide range of topics in an insightful way. One of my favorite ideas of his (and likely one of his most accessible) was his idea of truth. […]

Just because you finished a practice test does not mean you’re done with it.

Attention Redditors, my students, blog readers, and everyone else: just because you finished a practice test does not mean you’re done with it!  You are done with a practice test when you can not only do, but explain, every single question on that practice test. You can explain, at the drop of a hat, why […]