Why do human beings keep getting diseases from bats?

Humans get a surprising number of very infectious diseases from bats. We get SARS (including the recent COVID-19/SARS-CoV2), Ebola, rabies, and possibly mumps. These are all incredibly infectious, deadly diseases. This seems weird because human beings aren’t in particularly close contact with bats. They’re nocturnal, don’t have large city populations (for the most part), and […]

How to study for the MCAT

This post shared by Trevor Klee, Tutor. 1. Your overall MCAT studying process a) Start with a diagnostic test. What are your specific strengths and weaknesses? Use the error log app to discern the patterns. -The error log is like flashcards, but more flexible and better for analytics. b) If you’re missing content, review the Khan Academy videos for […]

Self-organized criticality: the potential and problems of a theory of everything

Note: this essay is outside of my comfort zone, so there might be a few mistakes. I relied a lot on this paper and Wikipedia to help me think about it. Mistakes are my own. The 1987 paper “Self-organized criticality: An explanation of the 1/f noise”, by Bak, Tang, and Wiesenfeld has 8612 citations. That […]

How to fix how people learn calculus: make calculus exciting again

Most people who take a calculus course never really learn calculus. They have only a hazy grasp of how the pieces fit together. Sure, they might be able to tell you that the derivative of x^2 is 2x, but ask them why and you’ll get a blank look. They learned to mask their confusion with […]

Why most intro philosophy courses feel useless and how to fix them

Introduction to philosophy tends to be a useless class. At its best, it tends to feel like a drier version of the stuff you argue about with your friends while high. At its worst, it feels like listening to high people argue while you’re sober. Neither one makes you feel like you’ve accomplished that much […]

Lessons in business from the golden age of advertising

I previously wrote a post on lessons in marketing from the golden age of advertising in early 20th century America, which I think went pretty well. Unfortunately (but fortunately), there are more great stories from the admen than can be fit in such a restrictive format. So, here’s my attempt at relaying them. For this […]